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Updated: 20 Feb 2022




Here is the PAID "Who's Coming" LIST

- - - - - - - - - -

ANNOUNCEMENT: NEW registrations

IMPORTANT . . . You are NOT regoed until you are fully paid. So follow these steps precisely:

1.  Go to https://hashrego.com/events/medh3-inter-americas-hash-2021 and fill out all the details.

2.  Make your payment following the instructions below:

Please read ALL the instructions BEFORE you make your payment.

We will reject any payment that come with fees,
we must receive the full $399 for all registrations.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: (we must receive US $399, no matter how you pay, the fees are your responsibility). 

Hashers can make an ACH PAYMENT to IAH2022. send an email to IAH2022LLC@GMAILCOM to get the details.

- or -

Through Zelle to IAH2022LLC@GMAIL.COM

- or-

Send your payment of $399 via PAYPAL to -->  IAH2022LLC@gmail.com

When paying via PayPal, ensure you use SEND TO A FRIEND or FRIENDS & FAMILY so there is no fee. We are returning several payments, and requesting you resend the funds so there is no fee (or you pay the fee if using a credit card). Also include your Name, Hash Name, Home Hash, Shirt Size, and dietary concerns.

- - - - - - - - - -

Other Info:

We have updated the Who's Cumming list to include hash name, home kennel and shirt size. We realize things may have changed over the past 2 years and updates may be needed. Now is the time, if you need to edit name spelling, kennel, shirt size or preferred email address.

Please take a look at the Who's Cumming list, and Email us any edits you have ASAP.