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Are there any regos still for sale?

Yes, see http://iah2022.gotothehash.net/coming.html

  I cannot attend, can I get a refund?

To clarify the refund process since the announcement on 2/20/2022, please see below:

1. Refunds are being issued in the order they were received up to 2/20/2022, further refunds will be made as we transfer funds. *If you requested a refund but can now attend 2023, please email us ASAP so we can move through requests more quickly*

2. Anyone who sent a refund request beginning 2/21/2022 (AFTER the date change to 2023) will be given the option to transfer their rego once we sort out a process to manage transfers.

3. Anyone who does not wish to wait for a refund requested up to 2/20/2022 will also have the option of transferring their rego once we sort out a process to manage transfers.

We will continue making refunds and announce when there will be a pause to begin offering the transfer option. Please give us some time to manage this event and work on the details. We are trying our best to release information in a timely and effective manner.


  What are the dates of the event, and where is the venue?

The inclusive dates are 1-4 September 2023. 
The planned venue is Guatape, Colombia.

  What airport should we fly into?

José María Córdova International Airport, Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia (Medellin International Airport . . . Code: MDE)

  Can we come before or stay later than the event dates?

Yes, you are welcome to enjoy the many amazing things about Medellin, or explore more of Guatape.  But all expenses outside of the scheduled dates are the individual hashers responsibility.  

  What is included with the rego?

- Transportation from airport to venue on Friday only.
- Transportation from venue to airport on Monday only.
- Specific timetable for busses is TBA. (90-120 minute bus ride)
NOTE: transportation will only be provided to/from the airport and venue.   https://goo.gl/maps/n5vMFRfQbRhW2HoT9 
The venue is in the opposite direction from Medellin, so if you want to see Medellin, plan accordingly.

- Trails on Saturday and Sunday.
- Goodie Bag.
- Dinner on Fri, Sat, Sun (serving time is TBD).
- Keg beer will flow from Noon to 1 AM (Fri, Sat, Sun).

- Lodging for 3 nights (Fri, Sat, Sun) 1-4 Sep. (See details below)
NOTE: you will be assigned lodging for 3 nights.  If you come early, or stay late, you will have to book those days on your own directly with any hotel in town (just plan to move to your assigned hotel on 1 Sep). 

  How and when will lodging be assigned?

Hotel assignments will be one of the last things we do prior to the event.  We certainly do not want spend the remaining months hearing about your break ups, make ups, and hook ups and any room choices that may go along with that.  We will conduct a survey in August, to get your details, and then make the assignments. We will most likely give you your hotel assignments along with your goodie bags, for both privacy reasons and less swapping.

  COVID Info

We recommend you do your own research, but we have provided some resources to help guide you along, on the LINKS page.

For your departure, we can confirm that there is a COVID test site at the Medellin airport that conducts both PCR and Antigen tests.  Results usually available in less than an hour.  We will coordinate with the test site to beef up staff for Monday, 5 Sep, to help with the rush.