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UPDATE: 22 Feb 2022

Greetings fellow hashers, and I emphasize “fellow hashers” as we are not paid travel agents, just people who have volunteered to sort this event out. We have all spent countless hours in a very short timeframe poring over data and making decisions to benefit the registered attendees as a community, NOT the individual hasher. All of us have made trips to Colombia at our own expense, to get things done, and will do so many times to ensure a stellar event. As a reminder, we all have jobs, families, other kennel responsibilities, etc. and are not available 24/7.

We have received many questions, and we have seen all your comments on FB, and while we greatly appreciate all the support and understanding . . . we also understand the frustration. The decision to change to 2023 was not taken lightly, nor expected within our first 90 days at the helm. The new MM committee has a combined hashing experience of more than 120 years and has attended/supported/managed over 100 major hash events all over the world. We are dedicated to seeing this event’s successful execution in September of 2023.

The reasons for postponement have already been stated. It is a combination of time to plan and feasibility for quick turnaround from ongoing Covid/supply issues. Also, some of the funds we do not currently have access to; this has required the hiring of attorneys to move funds. This process is taking more time than we anticipated over the past 90 days. In addition, Colombia is primarily a CASH use country, NOT like the US. Especially coming out of a pandemic, deposits for several aspects of the event have been required at a higher percentage and further in advance, comparatively.

Bottom line, we get it, some of you are unhappy. Also, some of you are overjoyed that you can now attend again. We have received hundreds of emails and have already processed over $15,000.00 in refunds to date, we have NOT stopped issuing refunds, this is simply a slow process.

To clarify the refund process since the announcement on 2/20/2022, please see below:

1. Refunds are being issued in the order they were received up to 2/20/2022, further refunds will be made as we transfer funds. *If you requested a refund but can now attend 2023, please email us ASAP so we can move through requests more quickly*

2. Anyone who sent a refund request beginning 2/21/2022 (AFTER the date change to 2023) will be given the option to transfer their rego once we sort out a process to manage transfers.

3. Anyone who does not wish to wait for a refund requested up to 2/20/2022 will also have the option of transferring their rego once we sort out a process to manage transfers.

We will continue making refunds and announce when there will be a pause to begin offering the transfer option. Please give us some time to manage this event and work on the details. We are trying our best to release information in a timely and effective manner.

We also encourage you to work up a bid, or pledge and offer to work on Mismanagement for the next IAH event in 2025.